About Sensa Complaints

Does Sensa really work? Why does Sensa offer a free trial? Sensa Complaints addresses your questions and concerns about the Sensa product and offers. Our product and our free trial offer are unique in the weight loss industry and our satisfaction guarantee is special, too. We’re reshaping the way people think about weight loss. Sensa isn’t a diet and we don’t operate like your typical diet company. Get to know us. We’ve taken all the information about Sensa and consolidated it into one, easy to use information center at SensaComplaints.com. We have detailed the Sensa Satisfaction Guarantee to eliminate any worries you may have about getting a free trial of Sensa. We’ve even included a comprehensive list of Sensa contact information – from Customer Service and Sensa Community to Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to check back frequently as we keep all the latest Sensa news and Sensa ratings just a click away.

SENSA® advocates a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and portion control.