How Sensa Works

You may have heard about Sensa on television, in magazines or on the radio. Sensa helps you lose weight without traditional dieting. There are no pills, stimulants or counting calories. But how does Sensa really work? Sensa is based on 25 years of research on the science of smell and taste.

Sensa is now people lose weight without restriction. Unlike most weight loss products, Sensa contains no pills or stimulants. Instead, Sensa was designed to help you feel full faster – and promote portion control while eating.

Sensa Helps You from Overeating

Sensa is designed to help you overcome the biological urge to overeat, so you can reduce your calorie consumption and lose weight while continuing to enjoy the foods you love and feel satisfied.

Sensa Facts

  • Sensa contains only 100% GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients as published by the FDA.
  • Sensa contains no diuretics, pills, stimulants, MSG, sodium, sugar, fat blockers, or calories.
SENSA® advocates a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and portion control.